Nikallen_Expert of CNC precision machining, sheet metal.

3C Electronics
Our customized precision machining parts are widely applied to 3C electronics industry. Especially for the assembly of mobile phones, notebook computers, tablet computers and other products. These parts are used in the automatic lines of precision dispensing, precision assembly, laser welding and complete machine testing.
The components for aerospace industry is usually under strict standard. These standards are put in place to ensure equipment provides consistent performance in some of the most demanding conditions (e.g., extreme pressures, fluctuating temperatures, and fast speeds). Our excellent quality control and advanced equipment ensure us to reach its requirement. Our manufactured parts have applied to coffee equipment, chairs and etc.
High level of medical devices usually requires high precision components to ensure their high precision. As medical devices are related to the health and life of human. They often need repeated verification. From the stage of R&D to batch production, the support of suppliers is very important. A variety of machining equipment and production system allow us to quick reaction to prototype requirement and keep accurate and precise from batch to batch during the production. Now our products are used in the devices of personalized surgical robot and surgical endoscope successfully.
We can manufacture a wide range of parts and products for the automotive industry, these parts are mainly used automatic assembly lines of automotive, such as cylinder support bracket, maintenance screw flange, spacer, inductive sensor plate and etc. Besides, we can also handle special heat treatment of automotive, like Tempering and hardening, nitriding. Whether customers need prototype or production quantities, we can always meet their needs.We are a secondary supplier to many well-known automobile brands.
New Energy
With the rise of new energy vehicles, the demand for lithium batteries is also increasing. The automatic production line for producing lithium batteries: slitting and stacking machines, packaging and shelling machines, differential pressure liquid injection machines, equal pressure liquid injection machines, coil cutting machines, etc. which require a large number of machined parts, and our products are widely used in these automatic production line equipment.
Other Machinery
Besides of 3C electronics, aerospace, medical, automotive, new energy. Our precision machining parts are also used to other industries and machinery. Such as hydraulic and fluid Power, pneumatic, agriculture, heavy vehicle, marine, seismograph. Our excellent quality and quick delivery of precision machining parts can always get the highly recognized and appreciated by customers.